May 7, 2024

Prediksi Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP Tahun 2024

Prediksi Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP Tahun 2024

Prediksi Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Jenjang SMP Tahun 2024 - Soal ini sebagai latihan untuk mengikuti kegiatan Ujian Sekolah atau Asesmen Sumatif Akhir Jenjang Tahun 2024 yang akan digelar pada tanggal 6 - 14 Mei 2024. 

Soal Pilihan Ganda 

Untuk nomor1 s/d 40, pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling benar! 

Read the short dialogue below to answer questions numbers 1 and 2.

Winda : Good morning, Sir.  I am sorry I am late.

Mr Ahmad : Good morning, Winda.  … , Come on in and have a seat, please.

Winda : Thank you, Sir.


1. There are two possible responses that Mr Ahmad can say, they are …

A.  It’s Okay ; It doesn’t matter C.  No Problem ; Be careful next time.

B.  It’s Okay ; Thank you D.  Amazing ; Never let it happen again

2. Have a look at the dialogue text above, the underlined expression is about … .

A.  Leave taking C.  Asking for an apology.

B.  Asking for help D.  Greeting people

3. Yeni         :  What time do you think it is ?

Nisa         :  Well, I think It is … .  

A.  Ten o’clock sharp C.  Two past ten

B.  A quarter to ten D.  Ten  past ten

4. Look at the calendar on the right. 

    Which month has thirty one days ?

A.  January, March, August

B.  January,March,November

C.  March ,June,August

D.  June,July,November

5. Look at the calendar on the right.

    The twenty- second of January 2023 falls on … . 

A.  Saturday

B.  Sunday

C.  Monday

D.  Tuesday

Study the following table of certain schools ‘facilities.

No Name of schools School facilities / Total number

IT Laboratory Language Laboratory Science Laboratory Classrooms

1 Mustika Junior High School 2 2 3 30

2 Nusantara Junior High School 2 1 3 33

3 Kusuma Junior High School 2 1 2 29

4 Merah Putih Junior High School 3 2 2 32

6.  Which of the following statements is wrong ?

A Kusuma Junior high School has three IT Laboratories and thirty classrooms.

B Merah Putih Junior High School has thirty two classrooms and two language laboratories

C Mustika Junior High School has three science laboratories and thirty classrooms.

D Nusantara Junior High School has thirty three classrooms and only one language laboratory.

7. Take a look back at the table provided above  to answer this question.

Gofur : . . . ?

Dian : It has three IT laboratories.

The  right question is … 

A How many IT – laboratories does Kusuma  Junior High School have ?

B How many IT – laboratories does Mustika High School have ?

C How many Science  – laboratories does Merah Putih Junior High School have ?

D How many IT – laboratories does Merah Putih Junior High School have ?

Study the lyrics of the following song  to answer questions numbers 8 and 9.

                                “ YOU RAISE ME UP “ BY JOSH GROBAN

When I Am Down, And Oh My Soul So Weary

When Troubles Come And My Heart Burdened Be

Then I Am Still And Wait Here In The Silence

Until You Come And Sit Awhile With Me

You Raise Me Up, So I Can Stand On Mountains

You Raise Me Up To Walk On Stormy Seas

I Am Strong When I Am On Your Shoulders

You Raise Me Up To More Than I Can Be

8. What is the theme of the song?

A.  An animal lover C.  A social life

B.  A nature lover D.  A motivation

9. Which statement is true according to the song lyrics?

A Humans should not easily give up

B Self confidence needed by the poor

C Nowadays, patience is no longer needed.

D Being sad causes failure in life

Study the following warning  to answer question number 10.


10. What mustn’t we do according to the warning?

A.  Watch the film C.  Enter the movie calmly

B.  Record the film D.  Try to imitate a pirate 

11. Febri : “Oh, My God, I forgot to bring my English exercise book !”

                        “May I borrow yours, Yeni ?”

      Yeni : … . Just help yourself.

Yeni will probably use the following responses to make her conversation with Febri go on.   

A.  Of Course ; Certainly C.  No problem ; Awfully sorry

B.  Sure ; No way D.  Go ahead ; Mind your own stuff.

12. Lena : “ This room is so dirty!” 

                      “Doni, Clean  up the room, please !”

      Doni : … . I will get a broom first.

Doni  will probably use the following responses to make his conversation with Lena go on.   

A.  All right ; My pleasure C.  It is not my duty ; No thanks

B.  Okay ; Do it yourself. D.  Sorry to bother ; Leave this room

Study the following text to answer questions numbers 13 and 14.

Dear Surya,

Congratulations! You won the young puppeteer competition 2022. Hopefully this best achievement will encourage you to improve your performances in the years ahead. This may also inspire young people to learn traditional arts.


13. What happened to Surya a year ago ? He … .

A. Won the young puppeteer competition

B.  Won a big prize for  his achievement

C.  Could inspire other young people

D.  Learned traditional arts in a club.

14. “This may also inspire young people to learn traditional arts.”

          The underlined word refers to … .

A.  Traditional arts C.  Surya’s achievement

B.  Competition D.  Surya’s performance

Study the following table of information concerning some high school students’ physical data. 

No Student’s name Height 

( in Cms ) Weight 

( in kilos ) Age

(in years )

1 Ricky 166 70 18

2 Benyamin 170 72 17

3 Abdul 164 64 16

4 Dicky 172 73 17

15. Having learned the information in the table we can say that … .

A.  Benyamin is taller than Dicky C.  Abdul is fatter than Dicky

B.  Ricky is the oldest of all D.  Benyamin as old as Abdul.

16. Look at the pictures of some people doing certain activities and choose 2 right sentences based on them. 

From the four pictures we know that    … .

A. Yudi is calling someone while Rima is having lunch.

B. Rima is washing dishes while Bobon is having lunch.

C. Miss Bonita is calling her Mom while Rima is cooking soup.

D. Bobon is washing dishes while Miss Bonita is cooking  soup.


Read and comprehend the Recount text below so that you can answer questions numbers 17 to 20.

On Monday morning Adi woke up late. Before leaving for school, his mother reminded him of having breakfast, but he refused. He was afraid of being late. Adi arrived at school only one minute before the bell rang. All students walked towards the school yard. They would have a flag hoisting ceremony.

It was very hot and the sun shone very brightly. During the ceremony, Adi felt dizzy and his eyes were blurred. He tried to stand up still, but he could not hold on. He trembled and fainted.

He didn’t know what happened next . When he opened her eyes, he was in the medical room with his class teacher and Riski, his best friend. Riski gave him a glass of hot tea and a piece of bread.

17. Where did Adi tremble and faint ? 

A.  At home C.  In the school yard

B.  In his classroom D.  At School Clinic

18. What is the main idea of Paragraph one ?

A.  Adi woke up late C.  Adi was afraid of being late to school

B.  Adi skipped breakfast D.  Adi’s mother reminded him of breakfast

19. What was the weather like on that Monday morning ?

A.  It was cloudy and humid

B.  It was very hot as the sun shone very brightly

C.  It was raining very hard.

D.  It was dark and stormy

20. “They would have a flag hoisting ceremony.” (Line 3, Paragraph 1)

The underlined word refers to … .

A.  Adi and his class teacher C.  Adi and his mother

B.  Adi, Riski and his class teacher D.  All students at Adi’s school

Read the announcement below here and answer questions numbers 21 to 22 based on it.


To : All students 

We would like to inform you, that we would be having the school holiday from Monday 24th to Friday 28th June 2023

During the holiday, our school has already made plans! We want to go camping in the Highlands to a place called Cikole Camping ground. It’s an outdoor centre where you can learn to climb, canoe and fish and do all sorts of exciting things.

Of course, we have to take you to Tangkuban Parahu  and De Castello Ciater, too. Don’t worry; you aren’t going to be bored! The school pays for all students, so you are free of charge.

Don’t forget to take your changing clothes with you. it may be wet. For those who want to go, please meet Mr.Iwan at the teacher’s office.

Sincerely Yours,


21. The text is written to … .

A.  give information about the activity on school holiday.

B.  remind students of the outdoor activity

C.  persuade students to join school festival

D.  invite students to attend a monthly meeting

22. How long will the school holiday last ? For about … .

A.  Four days C.  Six days

B.  Five days D.  Over ten days.

Study the following dialogue and answer  questions numbers 23 and 24 based on it.

Rafli : You look happy. What’s up ?

Cahaya : I got 100 for my English test.

Rafli : Congratulations! 

Cahaya     : Thanks. You know this is the first time I got 100. I usually get 80 and even lower than that.

Rafli         : I am happy for you,

23. The underlined expression shows that Rafli … .

A.  congratulates Cahaya on her success

B.  wishes Cahaya for the best luck

C.  feels sorry to know Cahaya’s grade

D.  supports Cahaya to be better in the next English test.

24. Rafli     : “Congratulations!”

The underlined expression can actually be replaced with … .

A.  This is really awesome C.  It’s so awful

B.  It’s too bad D.  Never easily give up.

The following text is for questions 25 to 27.


25. What should we do to put the mask on our face ? We should … .

A. cut the holes for the eyes C.  hook the rubber bands on our ears

B. cut a big hole for the mouth D.  tie a rubber band to our nose

26. Draw a pattern of a face as you like on the thick  paper. ( Step 1 )

      The  antonym of the italicized word is … .

A.  Long C.  large

B.  Short D.  thin

27. What should we do first before cutting out the picture with scissors ? We should … .

A.  make a small hole for each ear C.  hook two rubber bands on our ears

B.  colour or decorate it D.  prepare some rubber bands.

The following text is  for answering  numbers  28 – 32.

28. What does the text mostly talk about ?

A.  The horrible devils C.  A trip to the Devil’s island

B.  A kind – hearted woman D.  Momotaro, The powerful boy.

29. What happened after the dog, the monkey, and the bird together beat all the devils?

A.  They met the biggest devil

B.  The bird poked the devil in the eye

C.  The monkey scratched the back of the devil

D.  The devils promised not to bother the villagers anymore.

30. “On the way ,another fighter, a dog joined him.” ( See line 2 ).

      The underlined word has the same meaning with … .

A.  Took part C.  Gave power

B.  Beat D.  Promised

31. What moral value can we learn  after we have read the text above ?

A.  Togetherness makes us solid C.  Never try to cut a peach at home

B.  Humans have power to survive D.  We should keep our promise.

32. What is the purpose of writing the text above ?

A To show the ways of doing something.

B To describe something in general

C To tell about someone’s past experience

D To entertain people

The following text is for questions numbers 33 – 37.


One of the most popular artifacts in Indonesia is Prambanan, a complex of temples which was built in 825 AD. The central part of Prambanan complex consists of three main shrines dedicated to the gods of Trimurti.

The position of three main shrines are the temple of Siwa stands in the centre, that of  Whisnu on the north, and that of Brahma on the south. In front of each of these main temples stands of the mouth of each God. This ensemble is completed by two annexes, the “Candi Apit” or “Flanking Temples”, and nine small shrines to shelter the stones demarcating the compound within which the temple complex stands.

33. When was Prambanan  built ? It was built in … .

A.  825 AD C.  825 BC

B.  852 AD D.  852 BC

34. What is the second paragraph about ? It is about … .

A.  The Temple  of Siwa C.  Whisnu Temple’s position

B.  Brahma Temple’s position D.  The position of the three main shrines

35. What is the main idea of the text above ?

A.  A complex of temples which was built in 825 AD

B.  Prambanan is one of the Buddhist Temples in Indonesia.

C.  Prambanan is one of the most famous artifacts in Indonesia.

D.  Three main Tombs are placed in the centre of Prambanan.

36. “… and that of Brahma on the south.” (Paragraph 2). The underlined word  refers to … .

A.  The shelter C.  The position

B.  The temple D.  The compound.

37. Why do you think the text above is written ?

A.  To inform about Prambanan

B.  To explain why Prambanan was built

C.  To describe the temple of Siwa.

D.  To encourage people to visit Prambanan.

Read the following advertisement to answer question number 38.

 38. The following items are not available in the store, they are … .

A.  T- shirts 

B.  Magazines     

C.  Newspapers

D.  Refrigerators

Read this text to answer questions numbers 39 – 40.

My father is a hardworking man. He works as a government employee. He is tall, with black straight hair, brown eyes, a prominent nose, a little mustache, and exotic tan skin. He teaches me many things about life.

39. What is the writer’s father like ? He is / has … .

A Hardworking,Tall,black straight hair

B Black straight hair, blue eyes, a flat nose

C Exotic tan skin,black curly hair, jobless 

D Brown eyes, short , a prominent nose

40. From the description we can learn that the writer absolutely … and …. his father.

A.  loves - respects C.  misses - appreciates

B.  hates - admires D.  obeys -  greets



41. What should people do concerning the natural disaster as shown in the following pictures ?

 Write down at least 2  real actions .

a) … .

b) … .

42. Rearrange the jumbled words in the following dialogue .

Desi : “ should – we – have – What – for - breakfast ?”  

Umar : “energy – we – that – So – have – activities – do – our – to.” 

a. … .

b. … .


The following text is for answering question number 43.


43. What should we do before we click Print ? 

44. Study the table of  Febri’s  completing his activities at home , then make 2 sentences using 

No Names of activities Completion

1 Help father water some plants

2 Do Mathematics  homework 🗶

3 Prepare school uniforms 🗶

4 Have lunch

45. Change the following 2 Active Sentences into Passive Voice .

          a) The manufacturer  produces around 100 electric cars every month.

          b) Some local people are renovating the broken bridge.

Bagi rekan-rekan yang membutuhkan soal ujian sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP tahun 2024 silakan unduh di sini 
Prediksi Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP Tahun 2024
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