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Kisi-kisi, Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester Genap Kurikulum 2013

Kisi-kisi, Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester Genap Kurikulum 2013

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester Genap

Bagi bapak dan ibu guru SMP tidak terasa, sebentar lagi akan memasuki akhir semester genap. Biasanya bapak dan ibu guru akan disibukkan dengan membuat soal untuk (PAT) Penilaian Akhir Tahun Ujian Akhir. 

Pada kesempatan ini kami akan berbagi soal-soal yang mungkin bisa dijadikan referensi untuk Penilaian Akhir Tahun khususnya pelajaran Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester genap Kurikulum 2013 yang dilengkapi dengan kisi-kisi dan jawabannya.

Berikut kumpulan Soal-soal PAT (Penilaian Akhir Tahun) Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Kurikulum 2013 Semester genap

I. Choose A, B, C, or D for the best answer!
1. Elephants ... the heaviest land animals.

A. are
B. was
C. is 
D. were

2. Monkeys ... plants, bird’s eggs, small animals and insect.

A. are
B. ate
C. eat 
D. eaten

3. They ... the animal’s Cage every morning.

A. clean
B. cleans
C. cleanness
D. cleaned

Read the text!

4. Do they get school on time?
A. No, I don’t
B. No, they don’t
C. Yes, she does 
D. Yes, they do

5. Why do they look healthy and happy all time? Because they ....
A. are never late to school.
B. walk to school.
C. often speak English.
D. answer question in English

6. Is their English very good?
A. No, I don’t
B. No, it isn’t
C. Yes, it is 
D. Yes, they do

7. Do they often speak English to Beach other?
A. No, I don’t
B. No, they don’t
C. Yes, she does
D. Yes, they do

The following dialogue is for no 8-9
Nara : ____(8_)___ Raffasya always study?
Avisha : Yes, He ____(9)______ everyday.

8. A. Does
B. Do
C. Did
D. Done

9. A. Study
B. Studies
C. Studying
D. Studied

Text for no.10-12

10. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text above?
A. Monkeys have got hair and tail
B. Monkeys are vegetarian
C. Monkeys understand human language and able to speak it up.
D. Monkeys are social animal and have got tribes

11. Where do monkeys live in?
A. In the sea
B. In the desert
C. In the north pole
D. In the rainforest

12. What do monkeys like most for their meals?
A. Insect
B. Banana
C. Vegetable
D. Meat

Text for no.13-16

13. What are the Hafiz and the writer doing?
A. They are searching the missing cat
B. They are looking for some birds in the nest
C. They trying to find the thief’s footprint
D. They are catching neighborhood’s cats

14. What tool is Hafiz and the writer use to look for kitty?
A. Detective clothes
B. Magnifying glass
C. Hat
D. Notebook

15. What is Kitty Doing?
A. Kitty is Eating Fish Bone
B. Kitty are Hiding behind the tree
C. Kitty is catching some birds in the nest 
D. Kitty is running fast

16. From the text we can conclude that....
A. Kitty is being kidnapped by someone
B. Kitty has been hiding on the tree for three hours
C. Kitty is playing with neighborhood’s cat
D. No one kidnapped Kitty, Kitty is trying to catch his prey.

17. Look at the picture.

A. She is in the yard.
B. She is sweeping the yard
C. She is It, my friend.
D. She is diligent.

18. Re-arrange the jumbled words below!
hiding- kitty-not- is- the tree-behind
   1         2       3    4       5         6  
The best arrangement is...
A. 6-5-2-3-4-1
B. 5-6-2-4-5-1
C. 2-4-1-3-6-5
D. 2-4-3-1-6-5

19. Meliyan buys “Prima” and Riska buys “Teh Botol”. 
They have different price.
Which one is the correct statement?

A. “Prima” is more expensive than “Teh Botol”.
B. “Teh Botol” is cheaper than “Prima”.
C. “Teh Botol” is more expensive than “Prima”.
D. “Teh Botol” and “Prima” are expensive.

20. Look! The horse and the donkey look alike. But, the horse ... than the donkey.
A. bigger
B. older
C. smaller
D. younger

21. The donkey is ... than the horse, right?
A. bigger
B. older
C. smaller
D. younger

22. Lina is ...than her older sister, Salsa. 

Lina is 148 centimeters tall and Salsa is 145 centimeters tall.
A. plumper
B. thinner
C. taller
D. shorter

23. So, the older sister is ... than the younger sister.
A. plumper
B. thinner
C. taller
D. shorter

24. My shoes are good. I bought them for seventy thousand rupiahs. 
But my father’s shoes are ....  He bought them for two hundred thousand rupiahs.

A. better
B. worse
C. fewer
D. more

See the picture below to answer no. 25 and 26.

I got 90 for English and I got 60 for Mathematic.

25. For me, English is ...than Math.
A. easier
B. more easy
C. difficulter
D. more difficult

26. And Mathematic is ...than English
A. easier
B. more easy
C. difficulter
D. more difficult

Text for No. 27- 30
Keisha visited Aunt Vicky last holiday. Aunt vicky brought her to Ancol. It was a beautiful day. Aunt vicky’s daughter, Farah begged Keisha to build a giant sand castle. Keisha took picture their sand castle and uploaded in her Instagram. Aunt Vicky told her it was too hot to play at the beach without a hat on. Keisha didn’t bring her hat. Aunt Vicky told her not to worry, she could wear one of hers. 

Keisha tried on two hats. The pink one was really pretty, but it had a long pink ribbon on its back and it was too big for her. The blue hat was so fancy but it was too small, it was her niece’s hat. Keisha had no other choice, she had to wear it to avoid the sun light so she chose the pink one. Even though it was too big for her but she didn’t care.

Suddenly, there was big wind blew away her hat, her pink hat flew out to the seashore. We laughed at her. She ran away and tried to catch the hat but it was so hard. She jumped every time the small wave came to her. Finally, she gave up and let the hat gone away and asked her mum to buy the new one. 
26. Where was Keisha?
A. at the hotel
B. at the beach
C. at the castle 
D. at aunt vicky’s house

27. Who asked Keisha to build a giant sand castle?
A. her mother
B. aunt vicky
C. her niece
D. her grandmother

28. Farah begged Keisha to bulid giant sand castle.
The underlined word has the opposite meaning with the following words, except....
A. small
B. tiny
C. teeny
D. huge

29. From the text we can infer that....
A. Keisha doesn’t like her aunt’s hat
B. Keisha didn’t like her aunt’s hat
C. Keisha didn’t liked her aunt’s hat 
D. Keisha doesn’t want to wear her aunt’s hat

30. Re-arrange the jumbled sentences below!
1) My older brother went to serpong circuit.
2) He was very disappointed.
3) He lost the race and his car was broken .
4) He arrived at six and checked up his engine.
5) The race started at four.
6) At first he led the race, but it was not long.
7) Suddenly another car hit his car from the right side.
The best arrangement is......
A. 1-4-5-6-7-3-2
B. 1-5-6-4-2-3-7
C. 1-6-4-5-2-3-7
D. 1-2-5-4-3-6-7

31. Complete the dialog
Tasya : I called you but you didn’t pick it up. What were you doing at 9 last night?
Zahwa : Sorry, when you called me, I ...  at my sister’s bedroom at 9 last night.
A. was sleeping
B. were sleeping
C. am sleeping 
D. was slept

The text is for no. 33-35

33. What is the purpose of the message above?
A. To invite Zayn to see the competition
B. To announce the next competition’s schedule
C. To motivate Zayn for the next competition
D. To prohibit Zayn to join the competition 

34. From the text we know that....
A. Keira lent her book for Zayn
B. Keira returned Zayn’s book in Zayn’s locker
C. Keira asked Zayn to do exercise in her book
D. Zayn didn’t need the book.

35. I put my book in your locker. The word “I” refers to.....
A. Zayn
B. Keira
C. Zayn and Keira
D. Keira’s friend

The text for no. 36-38.

36. Where do you probably find this Notice?
A. In the Market
B. In the School
C. In the Cinema
D. In the Library

37. The notice above means that...
A. People are not allowed to record the film
B. People are allowed to record the film
C. People are permitted to do piracy
D. People are prohibited to watch the film 

38. What will happen if people recording the film?
A. They ill be a film director
B. They will get movie award
C. They will be arrested and sent to the court 
D. They will get reward

The following lyric for no. 39-40 

39. What is the message we can get from the lyric above?
A. Its about friendship; how to be greatest team
B. How to call our friends when we need them
C. We must have many friends not only one, two or three friends
D. If we are having trouble, good friends have to come as fast as possible just like counting one, two, three .

40. You gotta help me, I’m losing my mind?
The underlined word refers to….
A. the reader
B. the singer
C. the writer
D. the friend

Answer the question below based on the pictures!
40. Dayu : What is she doing? Beni : What is he doing?
Lina : ... Edo : ...
41. Complete the comparative and superlative sentences!

3 km

4 km
5 km

The Post Office is near my house
But, the Bank is ... than ...
And the Hospital  is ... of all.
42. Change the words in the bracet into the past form.
When I (am) a baby, when I (can not do) anything, my parents and my elder brother (take care) of me. My brother is five years older than me. I (don’t sleep) with my mother. I (sleep) in a babycot in my parents bed room. My brother (sleep) in his own room. My mum (breastfeed) me for two years.
43. Read the text and then answer the questions!
a. Why did they win the Classroom Competition?
b. What did they bring on Saturday?
c. And what did they do then?
a. Where does the notice usually take place?
b. What is the meaning of the notice?

Bagi bapak dan ibu guru yang ingin mengunduh soal, kisi-kisi dan kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester Genap Kurikulum 2013 : 

Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester Genap Kurikulum 2013 unduh di sini 

Kisi-kisi Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester Genap Kurikulum 2013 unduh di sini

Kisi-kisi, Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 Semester Genap Kurikulum 2013
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