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Kisi-Kisi, Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Semester Ganjil

Kisi-Kisi, Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Semester Ganjil

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester Ganjil

Untuk bapak dan ibu guru data seperti kisi-kisi, soal dan lembar jawaban soal PAS (Penilaian Akhir Semester) ini mungkin sangat berarti terutama bagi mereka yang berkasnya hilang karena lupa menyimpan atau dipinjam seseorang dan tidak dikembalikan. 

Terlebih lagi komputer atau laptop yang biasa digunakan rusak atau hilang digondol maling sehingga semua data yang berhubungan dengan semua pekerjaan tersebut lenyap. Untuk mengatasi hal tersebut salah satu adalah dengan cara menyimpannya secara cloud atau awan melalui beberapa media seperti dropbox, google drive dan lain sebagainnya.

Berikut kisi-kisi, soal dan Jawaban mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Penilaian Akhir Semester Semester Ganjil : 

I. Multiple Choice

1. Dad : Good morning, Dear.
Dito : … ,Dad. How are you?
Dad : I’m fine
A. Good night C. Good afternoon
B. Good morning D. Good evening

2. Mr. Ali : Hi! Nila! How are you?
Siti : not too bad, thanks.and you, Sir?
Mr. Ali : ...
A. You are welcome C. I’m fine too, thanks
B. Don’t mention it D. How do you do

3. Teacher :  See you later, Dayu. Good luck with your English test
Dayu : ... Sir. Thanks
A. Good morning
B. See you later
C. Good Night
D. Good bye

4. Mom : Good night. Have a nice dream
Sinta : … have a nice dream, too.
A. Good afternoon C. Good bye
B. See you tomorrow D. Good night

5. Linda : This is the Cake for you. I hope you like it.
Atin : Wow, I like it ...
A. thank you C. you are so kind
B. I’m Sorry D. how do you do

6. Andi : Can I borrow your ruler?
Sani : Sure, here it is.
Andi : thank you
Sani : …
A. I’m sorry C. you are welcome
B. don’t forget it D. fine

7. Wisnu : I’m sorry . I have lost your book?
Nathan : ...
A. You are welcome C.You are so kind
B. Don’t forget it D.No problem

8. Andri : Good morning, Mom.
Mrs. Anisah : Good morning, Andri. Why are you late?
Andri : … my friend gets accident.
A. I’m sorry C.Nice to meet you
B. Thanks D. Very well

The text for question no 9-10.
Hi, I am Nina. My full name is Nina Ayuningtyas. I was born in Bali, September 17th, 2005. I study at SMP HarapanBangsa. My father is Mr. Rajali. He is a teacher. My mother is Mrs. Kurnia. She is a nurse. My elder sister is Linda. She is student of SMA Perjuangan.
9. Where does Nina study? She studies at…
A. SMA Perjuangan C. SMP BungaBangsa
B. SMP HarapanBangsa D. SMA HarapanBangsa

10. When was Nina born?
A. November, 17th 2005 C. September, 17th 2005
B. January, 1st 2006 D. March, 7th 2006

11. Fajar : Hi. I’m Fajar. What is your name?
Nana : …
A. My name is Nana
B. I’m Fajar
C. His name is Fajar
D. She is Nana

12. Anton : …?
Susilo : I live at 27 JalanTeratai Indramayu.
A. How old are you C. How are you?
B. Where do you come from? D. Where do you live?

13. Andi : ...
Koko : I like playing basket ball everyday
A. Where do you live? C.Where are you from?
B. What is your name? D. What do you like?

The text for question no 14-15
Hello, my name is Edo. I am twelve years old. I am student of SMP Negeri 2 Biak. I live in Biak, Papua. I like swimming and cycling. My favorite color is green. My favorite food is fried chicken. Nice to meet you.

14. What does Edo like? He likes…
A. Reading book C. Swimming and running
B. Cycling and swimming and cycling

15. What is his favorite food?
A. Fried chicken b. Noodle C. Fried rice D. Pizza

The text is for question 16 -17
There are five people in my family, My father is Mr. Ahmad. ...(16) is a Doctor. My mother is Mrs. Annissa. She is a housewife. My big brother is Nathan . He is student of senior high school. And my sister is Amelia. (17)... is still in the kindergarten.
16. The best answer for number 16 is...
A. We b. He C. You D. She

17. The best answer for number 17 is....
A. She b. You C. He D. They

18. I have my friend. Her name is Dita. … hobby is cooking.
A. My b. His C.Her D. Its

19. The brother of your father is called...
A. Uncle b. Aunt C. Brother D. Daughter

20. The mother of your mother is called...
A. Aunt C. Grandfather
B. Grandmother D.Father

This is a chart of DAYS. Have a look at the chart and answer the questionfor no 21-22!
21. What is the day before Saturday? It is …
A. Sunday b. Tuesday C. Friday D. Thursday

22. Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow will be …
A. Tuesday b. Thursday C. Saturday D. Monday

Text for no. 23
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English Indonesian Social Study Math Science
Math Science Sports English Indonesian
Arts Citizenship Religion Science
Religion Arts Arts Indonesian
23. Based on the schedule above. You learn English on . . . 
A. Monday & Tuesday C. Thursday & Friday
B. Monday &Wednesday D. Thursday &Monday

24. Siti : This month is April. What is next month? 
Faiz : It is …
A. June
B. January
C. March
D. May

25. Dita : How many months in a year, Susi?
Susi : there are …
A. Twelve b. Ten C. Eleven D. Seven

26. Rini : Can you tell me the time, please?
Roni : ...
A. It’s ten a clock C. It’s eleven past one
B. It’s five past eleven D.It’s half past ten

27. 1Rizki : What time is it?
Ridho : …
A. It is ten to two C. It is a half past two
B. It is ten past two D.It is ten past seven

The text for question no 28-30
Mrs. Vina : When do we celebrate Independence day?
Umar : It is on august, 17th
Mrs. Vina : what month do we celebrate the national education day?
Lila : It is on May, 2 nd
Mrs. Vina : when do we celebrate Kartini day?
Rosyid : It is on April.
MrsVina : good! Do you know in what date is it?
Rosyid : It is on April the twenty first.

28. On August 17th we celebrate the …
A. National Education day C.Kartini’s day
B. New year D. Independence day

29. The National Education day is in … 
A. On may the second C. on april the twenty first
B. On may the twenty first D. On august the seventeenth

30. On April we celebrate the … 
A. New year C.Kartini day
B. Independence day D.National Education

31. They have two wings and feather. They can fly at sky. They have two legs. Which of these pictures does the paragraph describe?
A.  B. C. D. 

32. Yuni : Where will you go, Mira?
Mira : I will go to the ... I want to save  my money.  
A. bank
B. market
C. post office 
D. hospital

33. Beni : What is the wonder animal from our country?
Beno : It is ... It lives in Ujung Kulon National Park..
A. rhinoceros
B. elephant
C. buffalo 
D. cow

34. Where is the situation in the picture?                 
A. bank
B. market
C. post office
D. restaurant

The text for question no 35-36
          I have … (35) new book. It is Harry Potter. …(36) book is very interesting. The story pulls me to the setting. I love the book.
35. A. some b. a C. the D. an

36. A. the b. a C. an D. some

37. Where is the sheep? The sheep is … the box
A. on
B. in 
C. under
D. in front 

38. Where is the dog? The dog is … the table.
A. on
B. in 
C. under
D. in front

39. George  : How many pens do you have ? 
James    : I have …  
A. two pens
B. three pens
C. four pens 
D. five pens

The questions for no 40!
Things in Budi’s bag
No Things Number
1 Books 4
2 Pencils 2
3 Rulers 2
4 Pens 3
5 Sharpeners 1
6 Erasers 2

40. How many things does Budi have in his bag?
A. Fifteen C. Twelve
B. Fourteen D. Eleven

II. Essay 
41. Hendra : …, Sir. I’m late to class.
Mr. Ahmad : it’s okay. Why are you late, Hendra?
Hendra : my bicycle is broken, sir.
Mr. Ahmad : Please be on time in next time. Please sit down!
Hendra : Ok, Sir. Thank you.
42. Mention the members in your family!
43. Mention the name of the days in a week!
44. Mention the things in your classroom
45. Mention the name of public buildings based on the picture below!

Kisi-Kisi, Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Semester Ganjil
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