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Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022

Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022 -  Soal Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) sangat berarti bagi bapak dan ibu guru untuk dijadikan referensi pada saat Penilaian Akhir Semester tahun depan.

Pada kesempatan ini kami akan berbagi soal, dan kunci jawaban PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 kurikulum 2013 Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022, serta dilengkapi dengan kisi-kisi penulisan soalnya.

Berikut Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Penilaian Akhir Semester PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Kurikulum 2013 Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022 :

I. Multiple Choice.

Choose a correct answer based on the questions below, the option of A, B, C, or D.

1. It's 07.00  You meet your teacher at the school, you will say . . . 

A. Good night, teacher!

B. Good morning, teacher!

C. Good afternoon, teacher!

D. Good evening, teacher!

2. Look at the picture beside! 

The best response to express

“Hi, Lisa how are you?” is  . . .

A. Fine, thanks

B. How do you do?

C. Goodbye

D. Yes, I am 

3. At Diba’s house

Diba : It’s 9 o’clock. It’s time to go to bed.

Mum : Good night, darling.

Diba :……Mum

A. I love you, too

B. Good evening

C. I’m very well

D. Good night.

4. At the school

Teacher : See you later, Dayu. Good luck with your English test.

Dayu : See you later, sir. Thanks

The underlined speech is expresses …..

A. Greeting

B. Leave-talking

C. Apology

D. Gratitude

The following dialog is for questions 5 and 6.

Andi : Good afternoon, Ma’am.

Ms. Ida : Good afternoon. May I help you?

Andi : Yes. I need cough syrup, please.

Ms. Ida : O.K waiting, please. I’ll get it for you.

Andi : Thank you, Ma’am.

5. Where does the dialog take place?

A. At a drug store

B. At a grocer’s store

C. In a hospital

D. In a market

6. Why does Andi thank Ms. Ida?

A. She serves him well

B. She is kind to him

C. She solves his problem

D. She refuses his request

7. You are invited to your friend’s birthday party, but you can’t attend the party. Then, what will you say to your friend to express your apologies? 

A. I’m sorry, I can’t attend to your party

B. Don’t worry

C. I’m happy

D. I think it’s boring party

8. Teacher : What’s the matter?

Hasyim : I’m sorry ma’am. I broke the vase.

Teacher : . . . .

A. Please accept my condolences.

B. You’re welcome

C. Don’t mention it

D. That’s too bad, but that’s OK

For questions 9 to 11, choose the correct words to complete the dialog below.

Yuril : (9)……..

Joe    : My name is Joe.

Yuril : (10)…….

Joe    : I am from Biak, Papua

Yuril : (11)……….

Joe    : I live in Biak on Jalan Condronegoro, to be precise, at 23 Jalan Condronegoro.

9. The best answer for number 9 is…….

A. What’s your name?

B. Do you know my name?

C. Are you Joe?

D. Hi, Joe?

10. The best answer for number 10 is…….

A. Are you from?

B. Are you alright?

C. Where are you from?

D. What’s your address?

11. The best answer for number 11 is…….

A. Where do you live?

B. Where is Biak?

C. Do you know Biak?

D. How’s life?

The text for questions number 12 – 13

Hi, I am Nina. My full name is Nina Ayuningtyas. I was born in Bali, September 17th, 2005. I study at SMP Harapan Bangsa. My father is Mr. Rajali. He is a teacher. My mother is Mrs. Kurnia. She is a nurse. My elder sister is Linda. She is student of SMA Pejuang.

12. Where does Nina study? She studies at……

A. SMA Perjuangan

B. SMP Harapan Bangsa

C. SMP Bunga Bangsa

D. SMA Harapan Bangsa

13. Based on the text, Linda is . . . 

A. Nina’s mother

B. Nina’s friend

C. Nina’s sister

D. Nina’s brother

Study the picture beside to answer questions for number 14 – 16!   

14. What is her name?

A. His name is Angel Kharista

B. Her name is not Angel Kharista

C. His name no Angel 

D. Her name is Angel Kharista

15. What picture is that?

A. Student’s Bibliography 

B. Student’s Member Club  

C. Student Identity Card 

D. Student of SMPN 1 Sukra

16. The following sentence is NOT TRUE based the text above . . .

A. She lives on Karanganyar, Sukra.

B. Her class is VII-C

C. She is not student

D. She has phone number

The text is for question 17 – 18

There are five people in my family. My father is Mr. Ahmad…..(17) is a doctor. My mother is Mrs. Anisa. She is a housewife. My big brother is Nathan. He is a student of senior high school. And my sister is Amelia (18)……is still in the kindergarten.

17.What the correct pronoun to complete the sentence ……..

A. We

B. He

C. You

D. She

18. What the correct pronoun to complete the sentence …….

A. She

B. You

C. He

D. They

19.  Megi : Can you tell me of the time, Please?

Roni :……….

A. It’s ten a clock

B. It’s five past eleven

C. It’s eleven past one

D. It’s half past ten

The following schedule is for questions 20 – 22!

Lexi’s Schedule for Next Week

20. When will Lexi have free time?

A. On Sunday at 9 AM

B. On Monday at 7:00 PM

C. On Saturday at 11 AM

D. On Thursday at 10:00 AM

21. What does Lexi mostly do in the evening?

A. Practice Karate

B. Make a video

C. Eat with his family

D. Relax at home

22. From the schedule we know that . . . 

A. Lexi practices Karate twice a week

B. Lexi makes a video three times a week

C. Lexi always submits his assignment in the morning

D. Lexi will check his teeth in the afternoon

23. Yuke : When were you born?

Indria : I was born on …

Yuke : It was a great day. You were born on the Heroes’ Day commemoration, weren’t you?

Indira : Yes, you are right.

A. December, 12th 2008

B. November, 10th 2008

C. August, 17th 2008

D. May, 20th 2008

The text for questions number 24 and 25!

Mrs. Vina : When do we celebrate Independence Day?

Umar : It is on August, 17th

Mrs. Vina : What month do we celebrate the National Education Day?

Lila : It is on May, 2nd

Mrs. Vina : When do we celebrate Kartini’s day?

Rosyid : It is on April.

Mrs. Vina : Good! Do you know in what date is it?

Rosyid : It is on April the twenty first.

24. On August 17th.  We celebrate the……

A. National Education day

B. New year

C. Kartini’s day

D. Independence day

25. The National Education day is ………….

A. On May the second

B. On May the twenty first

C. On April the twenty first

D. On August the seventeenth

II. Essay.

26. Complete the dialog using expression of apologies!

Helmi :. . . . . . . , Sir. I’m late to class.

Mr. Beni : It’s okay. Why are late, Hendra?

Helmi : My bicycle is broken, sir

Mr. Beni : Please be on time in next time. Please sit down!

Helmi : Ok, Sir. thank you. 

27. Complete the following card based on your identity!

Name : _________________________________

Class : _________________________________

Address : _________________________________

Hobby : _________________________________

Favourite Food : _________________________________

Favourite Colour:  __

28. Read the text carefully, then completed the following family tree with the name of Rizkia’s family members!

Hello everyone! Let me tell you about my family. My name is Rizkia.. I’m the first child in my family. There are five people in my family. My father or my dad, My mother or my mom, My younger sister, My little brother and myself. My father is Mr. Henry. He is a farmer. My mother is Mrs. Yulia. She is a housewife. My younger sister is Elsa. She is a student of SDN Bunga Mekar. My little brother, Erick does not go to kindly yet. He is in playgroup.

29. Situation : TODAY is WEDNESDAY

Please write the day based on the information above! 

a) What day was yesterday?

b) What day is tomorrow?

c) What day was 2 days ago?

d) The day after 6 days from now?

30. Complete the following dialog based on the time shown!

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Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022
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